12 January 2022

11:00am (CET) – Online

90 min online seminar:
participation is free

Market entry? Technology transfer?
Trademark infringement dispute?
Marketizing your innovation in China?

The TOP 3 mistakes others make and the must knows about protecting your intellectual property when building business relationships in China – explained in a hands-on fashion

Bonus: learn about Chinese investment matchmaking application, BRIdge.

Who is it for?
For all Hungarian companies that:

  1. are thinking about entering the Chinese market, establishing trade relations
  2. are innovators and startups looking for Chinese investors
  3. have not planned with China so far for the fear of losing their intellectual property

IP experts from Sinofaith, one of China’s first and largest IPR agencies, the exclusive member of Cathay IP in China. The speakers throw light on crucial information about the Chinese IP protection framework, explain the possible pitfalls Hungarian companies can tumble into, and how to avoid them. They will summarize the China-related specifics of the field, and the opportunities open to Hungarian companies.

Myths and reality: a practical overview regarding IP protection and enforcement
Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese legal system now offers one of the most advanced IP protection in the world, and the costs of doing so will almost always be below US or EU levels. With the right preparedness and local knowledge, companies with high value-added products or operation can safely enter the second biggest market of the world.

What will attendants gain?
Understanding and direct access: one of the aims of the online event is to provide participants with a concise, practical approach to understand the most important information and to have direct access to intellectual property protection services, thus avoiding the pitfalls of this market. Varnai & Partner, the Hungarian member of Cathay IP, will help you as the local co-ordinators, bridging together the business mindset and linguistic barriers.

You also get access to a pool of carefully selected investors and /or business partners. We will introduce our digital business platform called BRIdge, which specifically connects China to the Western world, through which Hungarian companies can find pre-screened buyers or partners for their monetizing or marketizing their innovation or startup with legal protection all along.

What will attendants receive?
Presentation materials will be shared after the event, while participants will have the opportunity to pop their questions during the Q&A session of the online seminar.

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Cathay Group
Cathay Group, present in 88 countries on five continents, offers its clients one-stop shop solutions for legal, IP, tax, accounting, business consulting, market entry and marketing communications services. Combining global knowledge and local expertise, the group operates with headquarters in Budapest and Shanghai, with more than 5,000 consultants in 128 cities through its partners.
Sinofaith IP
Sinofaith is one of China’s first and largest intellectual property protection groups, with offices in the United States and Japan in addition to being active in all major cities in China. It has successfully represented clients in tens of thousands of trademark registrations, investigations and trademark infringement proceedings, ensured that counterfeit and deceptive products disappear from the country’s commercial offerings, and monitors the online presence of 12 million products.
Várnai és Társa
A boutique law firm with a special focus on China and Asia for 15 years, working with Hungarian and Chinese colleagues, and headquarters in Budapest and Shanghai. It is the exclusive Hungarian member of the Cathay Group, Cathay Associates and Cathay IP.